SLiMS Version 9 codename Bulian (v9.4.2)


SLiMS (Senayan Library Management System)
Copyright (c) 2007-2021 Senayan Developer Community
Simbio Engine v2.0, Copyright (c) 2007-2013 Arie Nugraha

Hendro Wicaksono ([email protected], [email protected])
Arie Nugraha ([email protected], [email protected])
Wardiyono ([email protected])
Purwoko ([email protected], [email protected])
Arif Syamsudin ([email protected])
Rasyid Ridho ([email protected], [email protected])
Eddy Subratha ([email protected], [email protected])
Indra Sutriadi ([email protected])
Waris Agung Widodo ([email protected], [email protected])
Heru Subekti ([email protected])

Past Developers:
Past Developers: Sulfan Zayd ([email protected], [email protected])
Widianto Nugroho ([email protected])

Localisation contributors:
Germany: Tobias Zeumer ([email protected])
Thai: Prasitichai เรารักในหลวง ([email protected])
Bengali: A. K. M. Nurul Alam ([email protected])
Persian: Mohammad Javad Mansourzadeh ([email protected])
Arabic: Rasyid Ridho ([email protected]), Bounama Kouider (for full Arabic support)
Malay: Jerry Mohd. Arif
Brazilian Portuguese: Eduardo Koiti Kataoka ([email protected])
Spain: Jhon Urrego Felipe Mejia ([email protected])
Urdu (Pakistan): Faheem Akbar ([email protected]), Aijaz Akhter Ahmadani ([email protected])
Turkish: Ali Yasir Yılmaz ([email protected]
Russian: Igor Gaydyshev (

Other contributors:
Gettext support: Tobias Zeumer
Membercard modification: Jushadi Arman Saz ([email protected])
English documentation: Jim Richardson
Code enhancement: Drajat Hasan ([email protected])
Code enhancement: John Antony ([email protected])


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